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Marine Insurance

YIS can tailor-make your insurance to suit the requirements to the size of the yacht’s value, gross tonnage and the owner’s cruising requirements.

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Crew Welfare Insurance

Yacht Crew Welfare Insurance is essential for any yacht owner employing crew.

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Protection and Indemnity

The same principals apply as to insuring the Hull, owners should always use a specialist P & I Broker.


Experts Arrangement by our Yacht Insurance Brokers


We are able to insure yachts EUR 250,000 and upwards on a worldwide basis.


We can insure both inshore and offshore racing yachts, concentrating on the difficult to place, higher risk racing yachts that are participating in specific campaigns, regattas, transatlantic or global events. We provide coverage for the physical damage and liability with extensions for loss of mast, spars and rigging, two handed or single handed sailing.

Yacht crew personal accident

We offer Personal Accident and Medical Expenses coverage for professional crew on a 24-hour basis. Coverage can be extended to include temporary total disablement, crew replacement, baggage and personal effects. Policies can also be extended to include the owner, the owner’s family and guests.

Protection and Indemnity (P&I) and Yacht owners’ liability to employed crew

Protection and Indemnity insurance, commonly known as P&I, is insurance in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising out of the ownership or operation of the yacht.
We can also offer Yacht Owners Liability to Employed Crew coverage for owners of British flag (Red Ensign) yachts that have a requirement to provide employers liability coverage to comply with the owner’s obligations under the Merchant Shipping Act for their full time or part time professional crew.
We can also provide coverage for European flagged yachts on a similar basis including “Faute Inexcusable” for French based/flagged yachts.

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